Ginny B'S

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthdays at 50 and 75!!! Wow what a March

My mom and have both have birthdays in March only 4 days apart. We have always had wonderful celebrations together, but this year is especially special since she turned 75 and I turned 50. Wow, I hate to say that I am fifty, but I am a grandma you know, and I love saying I'm a grandma. Anyway, we had several celebrations. I had mom and dad over for supper on her birthday and they had us over on my birthday, then we were able to have the our our girls and the rest of the family get together at a steakhouse in a neighboring town. There is a great little town that is a short driving distance for all of us, even though we all live in three different towns. So here's to birthday's, the FIRST, the FIFTIETH, and the SEVENTY-FIFTH!!!! Wow what a year!
These pictures are kind of cool showing my mom holding W when he was a tiny baby, and me holding him at 1 year old at the zoo this week.