Ginny B'S

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Summer!!! Not Ready for it to END!!

I have had a wonderful summer. It has been such a fun time of travel to and with great friends and family. I have been able to keep the precious grandson who is soooo much fun. He says and does the funniest things. I will start going back to school this next week for a couple of hours a day to get some things organized in my classroom. So today, I am trying to get this house straightened and laundry done. I will continue to be busy everyday. We are so much in need of rain here in TEXAS!!! Please continue to pray for all of us. We need to continue to pray for our country for some many needs.
God Bless Us All! America
Hope everyone continues to have a Blessed summer!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

33 Years Ago Today I Married My Best Friend

It seems like yesterday, until I look back at pictures and see just how old fashioned we looked. Also, the girls are quick to remind me of how funny we looked in our wedding pictures. "Mom you look hilarious, and hey, look at Dad's sideburns, HAHA, look at Gran and Mac" Well, as Mammaw would say, Your Time's a Comin!!! LOL Well, KB and GinGin have had many wonderful times and many rooouuuggghhh times, but somehow we've made it and will hopefully continue to make it many more years. We are planning a fun evening, off to Stephenville, Tx and checking out the Chicken Ranch Flea Market! Sounds interesting, HUH? KB loves to eat at the Hard 8 Bar-B-Q, and so do I. This was his plan last night so let's see how we do tonight. I think it will be a great weekend as we will head to get

he grandson on Sunday, and keep him a couple of days as his momma has gone back to nursing school this week. I'm so going to enjoy this summertime, as it will go by too quickly. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! GinGin

Sunday, January 9, 2011

OH Weekend, Weekend, where did you go?

Had a wonderful weekend getting to keep little guy Friday and Saturday. He is so sweet and so much fun. We just loved getting to be with him for a couple of days and have him spend the night. He loves helping his KB so much. He has to be "workin"!
We got our first snow here today, but it didn't last very long. We had a little accumulation, but it didn't last long. I love being home and being able to just relax and enjoy my home when the weather is cold.It is fantastic to take a good ole nap during this type of weather. It is now very cold outside though.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!

We planned on having the kids for steaks today, but I have had a terrible headache. I think it is getting better since the day is almost over. Holly gets these migraines pretty often and she said to drink a coke.
So I have been sleeping on and off for most of the day and just now drank a coke and ate some cheez-its. I think it is finally getting better. I have the potatoes baked, and I'm fixing to get up and fix a salad. I have been wanting to fix some artichoke- spinach dip, but I don't know that I can handle that right now, guess I will wait until tomorrow. I have had such a wonderful holiday this Christmas. I am not really looking forward to going back to school, but the time is almost here. I'm hoping this second sememster is a good one and my kids make lots and lots of progress. I am thankful for a wonderful group of kids. I saw a student and parent the other day and the parent said they were really ready for school to start. I thought that was pretty funny. As the teacher's are always ready for a break, and we have 22 of the little ones at once!

The next though that just came to my mind is my excercise and diet regime. I am going to be getting back on track with my diet. It has really suffered during these these holidays with all the wonderful things to eat and drink. I want to get back on track with very few carbs. I will start back on my vitamins, and I'm going to go and join the anytime fitness that is new in our town. I know that I will feel better doing this workout. I am needing to drink my 90 ounces of water everyday. Water,Water Water, it will make me feel so much better.

Now on to my next random thought, there have been a couple of terrible accidents back in our home town to people that we knew. A young couple was in a terrible auto accident and the wife lost her life, she was 30 weeks pregnant, and they were able to do a c-section, and the baby is doing ok, last I knew. The young father was one of my students in the third grade. Another family that we have known since childhood had a terrible loss in their family of a husband/father. I feel so sorry for the mother and daughters that have had to suffer through this.