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Monday, September 29, 2008

Giggling Baby

WES is giggling a lot now. Shani called last week and all I could hear was Wes giggling. That is the best sound EVER!!! She said that Jack was roping the dummy and he roped it a couple of times, and then he missed and Wes just started giggling that funny little giggle and then everytime Jack threw the rope Wes would just giggle. We went to see them on Saturday and one of Jack's friend was outside roping and Shani stopped beside him and Wes started to laugh at him, when he threw the rope. He is just so much fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Barrel Race in Waco, and I GOT TO BABYSIT

I got to see Wes several times this past week. It was so fun. We went to his house on Wednesday night. I got to help Shani give hime a bath and here we are right after his bath.

Then on Friday afternoon, I took half a day off to go to the barrel race in Waco and keep him while his momma ran barrels.

Saturday Holly and I went to Antique Alley in Cleburne. We had a great time finding good garage sale junk. We found Holly some good bargains, like new driving moccs and a brand new with tags old navy purse, and several other things. We really had a good time just being together and we left there and headed to Waco to help keep Wes during the barrel race again. We had a wonderful time playing with Wes, looking at all the really cute cowgirl goodies they had for sale there and spending some time with Shani and her good friend Kaci. They both had really good barrel runs!!!
Aunt Holly loves her some Wes, too.

Wes' mommy loves him, so very much!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Such a darling tote and I am hoping that I will win this Give-Away

My blogging friend at tins and treasures let me know about this Give-Away and I am just thrilled. I love bags. This is a new friend at
She has the neatest totebags and dwipes. I just love to read everyone's blogs. Now I must get to work. I feeling some stress just like jilljillbobill.

Wes In His New Cowboy Hat and His New Huskers Sweatsuit

Such a handsome little cowboy. I was so excited to get to see him on Tuesday night. We had a good time just visiting for a little while and I got to play with Wes and see the new things that he can do. He can do his army crawl and he laughed at me when I was helping get him ready for his bath.

Also, I wanted to see his new little jogging suit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beauty Shop Snake--OMG

I was so excited to go see Sherrill, my darling cosmetologist yesterday. She is so cute and I really like the way she does my hair. Of course I have to have 3 hours worth of work, because I need dark color on my roots and then I have a highlight and lowlight. Next, comes the cut and then the Chi iron, finally an eyebrow wax and lip wax. Well, I think I am finally looking better now and covering up that gray for another 3-4 weeks.

I'm finally done after all that and since it's pretty late Sherrill has locked the door and has to come to the door with me and let me out. Thank God for that!!! As she unlocks the door and I step out, she starts to scream, I'm thinking OMG what the hell is she screaming at and as I look down I see a 3-4 foot long snake slitthering between my feet and around hers. I see this slithering thing goin so damn fast, right inside the beauty shop!!! Of course we jump out the door and now we are on the outside and the snake is on the inside. We look at each other, shiver and scream again. Then we start to laugh. I'm like what the heck are we going to do now, I can call KB and he can come over and get it for us. She said, well I can call the the owner's husband and I'm sure he will come. So we both get on our phones and the owner's husband is on his way.

KB just says, "Oh WOW, just open the doors and shoo is out the door." I'm like "Yeah, right". I'm not going back in there with that snake.

Well, since the owner's husband is coming, the owner calls the police, because she doesn't know if it is poisonous or not. Sherrill and I sneak back in beside the snake hoping it stays along the wall. We get by him and Sherrill gets a broom and gets on top of a chair. I'm like if you start trying to move him and he heads my way, I'm going to have a freakin' heart attack. So I get behind the desk on top of a chair. Sherrill moves the broom toward the snake and he starts to wind around like he is going to strike, then he finally turn and starts looking toward the door. She just calmly keeps the broom pushing him out slowly. He gets close to the door and goes up the wall first. The he finally goes out the door but gets behind the door and starts up the wall. So I'm dang sure not going out the door. Now the policeman shows up with his expertise. He tells Sherrill to throw him the broom. He starts after him and says, "dang he is a fast one." The snake starts around the side of the building and the cop never sees him again.

OH, Yeah, while we are on the chairs and the snake is heading to the door, I told Sherrill get your phone and take a picture, or no one will ever believe this happened to us. So this you see at the top of the post is the snake as he was trying to go up the wall before heading out the door.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GinGin's Second Grade

Surfing to Second. My class bulletin board is a beach fun theme. My kids got to design and decorate their own surfboards.

Students can sit and read beside the pool or palm tree during special reading time.

We work in groups on many projects.

Here's our first science project of observing bean seeds and then planting to see the parts of plants.


I was so excited to receive an award. My friend at is such a doll. She is a wonderful teacher. I admire fellow teachers that make learning so much fun!!! . I want to add these fellow bloggers for awards.

Amelia Bedelia at

Jill Jill Bo Bill at

Nancy at

Rue at

Mendy at

and my best friend Tracy at

I hope that I have done these links correctly.

I love to read and follow these blogs. I just seem to run out of time lately since I'm grading papers every night.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spanish Speaking Student

On the third day of school I received word from a teaching partner that I was getting a new student this morning, and no hablo ingles! Oh, dear. Si. Okay I go to meet him in the cafeteria and he has a gigantic, very ornery smile, looks at me and doesn't seem to understand a word I say. Well, we go to the classroom and try to get him situated. I have space beside the two only other hispanic students I have. I tell them to help him as much as they can. Of course they are not fluent spanish speakers, but they do understand) They are doing a pretty good job and I'm using the limited spanish that I have from 6th grade, 35 years ago to try and talk to him. I do find out his name, and I can say SI and NO. Well, we begin our math meeting and several kids say Ms. B we need Juan's birthday for our birthday graph. I ask my little hispanic helper how do you say birthday in spanish, he shrugs his shoulders and says, "I DON'T KNOW MS. B, I JUST SAY PINATA!!!!!! OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES. SO PRECIOUS, I LAUGH AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT ALL DAY. SO CUTE AND SWEET.

More to come on Juan soon, I'm sure---

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Wonderful Trip to Graceland Last Summer

I had a great trip to Graceland, but don't think KB will agree that it was great since he tried his damnest to get out of it.

The funniest thing was we had gone down into Mississippi to stay at one of the casinos by the river and were heading back home the next day, as we got into Memphis KB is supposed to go left and he goes right , we go about a mile down the interstate and get off to turn around and head the other direction, when we have to go down the street a ways and it turns out we are on ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD, YES!!!!. I turn to him and say we have got to go, we are right here. I had already begged to go this morning and he said, "I'm not going to Graceland." Well, he is trying to turn around and the only place to go is right into the parking lot across from the picture above. He is really mad now, he pulls into the lot and parks with a frown. I say well why don't you just stay out here with the pickup and camper. He says" No, I'll go with you," real grouchy like. Okay, (I'm thinking yuck he's going to be great fun!!), we go to the ticket building, museum, gift shops, etc. I get in line to get tickets and ask how long is the tour? The lady says 3 hours, I cringe and tell KB, he just frowns some more. Now we get our tickets and our headphone's for the tour and sit and wait for the next shuttle across the street.

We go across the street with the crowd and KB hates crowds. Well we manage to go through the tour and secretly I think KB enjoys seeing all the wonderful Elvis stuff. His home, his planes, his cars(KB did like these). It looks just like it did in the 70's.

I'm so glad I got to go to Graceland, we may never go that way again.
Things do work out the way they are supposed to, HA--HA.