Ginny B'S

Friday, June 10, 2011

33 Years Ago Today I Married My Best Friend

It seems like yesterday, until I look back at pictures and see just how old fashioned we looked. Also, the girls are quick to remind me of how funny we looked in our wedding pictures. "Mom you look hilarious, and hey, look at Dad's sideburns, HAHA, look at Gran and Mac" Well, as Mammaw would say, Your Time's a Comin!!! LOL Well, KB and GinGin have had many wonderful times and many rooouuuggghhh times, but somehow we've made it and will hopefully continue to make it many more years. We are planning a fun evening, off to Stephenville, Tx and checking out the Chicken Ranch Flea Market! Sounds interesting, HUH? KB loves to eat at the Hard 8 Bar-B-Q, and so do I. This was his plan last night so let's see how we do tonight. I think it will be a great weekend as we will head to get

he grandson on Sunday, and keep him a couple of days as his momma has gone back to nursing school this week. I'm so going to enjoy this summertime, as it will go by too quickly. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! GinGin