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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Peace, Love and Cowboy Boots

Peace Love and Cowboy Boots


KB and I took a trip to back to our hometown.  It was very nice to be back home.  Many things have not changed and then some have.  It was great to spend time with KB's mom for her 79th birthday.   My mom and dad still own the old family farmland.  KB and I sold the old farm house and our portion of the land when we moved, but dad has kept the grassland.  It is extrememly dry there. I don't know if I have ever seen it that dry.  We were able to go out to the farmland to look at where we lived.  This is a very special place for me and our family.  My grandfather came from Canada when he was a young man.  I think he was 28.  I found something on that date a few weeks ago, but I can't find it right now.  After he bought this old home place, and stayed a couple of years, he went back and married my grandmother and brought her back to the Texas Panhandle.  All the roads from Canada to Texas were dirt roads and this travel was in the winter and the roads were a muddy mess.  Also, the cars had no heaters, so there were little huts along the roadside where you stopped to pick up heated bricks to put in your car to keep your feet a little warmer.  WOW, I can't imagine traveling this long distance like that.  I do remember my Mammaw talking about that trip.  The farm that he bought, is the place where my Dad grew up, I grew up as a young girl, and our daughters grew up!!  So it has a lot of memories for us. For these reasons,  I thought I could never leave our old family farm.  But after we moved and made our new home, I really felt that I could make any place a home and I always will.  NO matter where I live, I will make it HOME!!!


The old house was bought and eventually torn down, they rebuilt right where the house used to be.  It looks a lot like where we lived, so that helped not making me feel so sad!! I will always have great memories of the Bates "Place" or as KB always called it "El Rancho not so Grande". 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder

We've been planning to make a trip to see KB's mother since the last of December.  We planned to surprise her for her birthday, which was yesterday, but KB thought he better call her yesterday because  we always call on that special day.  So he told her we would be there to take her to supper at the best MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT ever, La Espanola restaurant in Dalhart, TX.  We have not eaten there in more that 8 years.
We have not been able to make it back to Dalhart much at all since we moved, so we're looking forward to the trip.   We do miss our family and friends from our OLD hometown. Have a wonderful Friday and Fantastic SUPER BOWL WEEKEND !!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been making these cute dish towels.  It's a lot of fun to create them and I love using these type towels in my kitchen and they look really cute haning on my oven door handle.  I received this picture as a card from some company.  I scanned it and copied it onto fabric that I ran through my printer. I found these cute cotton colored dish towels.  They are in a package of turquoise, red and blue. I love them.  They are so soft....

I have made quite a few of these neclaces for family and friends.  When I started I thought that stamping would be rather easy.  Man was a sadly mistaken.  It is very difficult and I missed up many spoons before i have finally gotten the hang of it.  I love creating and making gifts for people.  The large one in the center is for my mother-in-law who turns 79 tomorrow.  She and my mom are the same age and they went to High School together.  Both of them are in really good health for almost 80 years old.  I just hope that I can be in that good of health and look that good when I am their age. 
Happy Wednesday to EVERYONE!!  God Bless and Hope you have a fabulous week from here on out.

Sunday, January 27, 2013



When we have the little guy for the night or the weekend, it is always so much fun, and then this is how we end up at the end of the day. Last weekend we got to keep W for the night while his mommy and daddy went out. We had a lot of fun and he kept us both really busy. We did a little bit of everything. He loves to help KB out in the shed to work on just about anything. The first thing they made was a door in the shed for the two cats to come in and out of, this way, they do not have to go under the shed in all of the mud to get into the shed, which is where they stay in the cold winter. This was great fun because he LOVES using any TOOLS. He is very good with them too. He got to hammer, and saw, drill and put screws in wood. We have a small drill and he can use it real well.
Next, we made some cookies and also strung some bead to make a bracelet for mammy and his mommy.

WES the MAN!!

WES the MAN!! Upside down sunglasses and all.  This pic is not recent but so cute I had to write about this.  This is the first I remember of him being so very independent.         
He was in CHARGE  of everything, that is his horse Candyman, a minature.
I take so long between posts that I'm sure I don't have many people interested in reading my blog, but the real reason I began a blog was to post interesting facts about my grandson, and I haven't kept it up very well , but I'm going to try and remember or recount some of the things that he does and has done that keep us all entertained.  He has such a fantastic memory that he surprises all of us with what he remembers from a little bitty guy.