Ginny B'S

Saturday, August 15, 2009


He absolutely loved it!!! Just kept taking and talking! GinGin went real slow and he had mommie and Aunt Holly right there with him. Isn't it amazing how much he has grown since last summer. Such a little boy now! We always have so much fun with him when we are all together. We had another great time at the lake, but the guys didn't catch many fish and they fished all night one night, I think it wore the old grandpa KB out. He was trying to keep up with the young guys, HAHA. I got to spend the night with Shani and sleep in W's bed. It was late when we got to their house cause he had a tummy ache and needed some medicine which we didn't have at the lake, so we went to their house. It was nice to stay at their house for the night and the next morning Wes said, GinGin, come here, talking about me coming into Shan's bed and gettin in bed with them. Then I got to laugh and play with him. He's really a morning kid, gets that from Great Granddad Mac. Well, got to go think about school.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tracy's B and B

Tracy's new home is just beautiful and she has such a knack for decorating. It seems like however she places decorations they just look perfect. Here is the precious bedroom where we stayed it is decorated for her daughter.

Monday, August 3, 2009

We are having a blast!

Rockport Texas is along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a really neat place to eat a cajun crawfish boil. The Boiling Pot is great. We are having such a good time.