Ginny B'S

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Little Jewel

About 5 years ago my best friend Cawfee Tawk found the SISTER'S ON THE FLY article in Country Living about Vintage Camper Trailers that they decorate and use for fly fishing, camping and cowgirl camps, etc., and we decided that we both needed to find one and decorate it and use it when we took trips to the lake. So we did!! We searched and searched all over Big D and we would find an occasional trailer in someone's yard, pasture, field, junk pile.

We first found this one behind someone's old run down mobile home, and I so had to have it. We searched every where around the place to find someone to whom we could make an offer.

We finally had to talk to a neighbor to find out who supposedly LIVED there and he told us where the owner worked FOR NOW. Well, we did find Cecil and he took my offer. We were so excited. We went right back and hooked it up to my pickup with flat rotten tires and really not having any idea how to hook up this type of hitch. Any-who, we got it done because we weren't leaving our precious find there one more minute. It was now ours for the taking and YEE-HAW. We were going to get it all fixed and decorated. I lived in the country and we had to haul it the 10 miles to my farm house. On the way we had a blow out, but never fear KB would be coming soon and would save the day!!!

GinGin and KB got it all fixed up and not too much later GinGin and Cawfee Tawk had to find another one for Tawk. So we were on the hunt again!! Found another one in someone's tall, metal fenced back yard. We really didn't think they would want to sell since they had it stored away so nicely, but Tawk said let's try anyway. We went up to the house and knocked on the door and who should come to the door, but the most lovely woman that we both knew from the local elementary school, as a teacher's aide. She said OH, MY GOODNESS, you don't want that old thing, and we were well could we look at it. WE did and we were both like "well, it sure needs a lot of work". But, Tawk made an offer. She accepted and we hooked her up too.

Thus the story of the vintage campers of GinGin and TAWK. Tawk probably has some important and crazy information that I am leaving out, but she can add that if she wants too.

Anyway, since we became grandparents this year KB and GINGIN (ya know) we decided that we better get a little bigger camper, with a bathroom and shower, so we could go and baby sit Wes whenever they needed us or whenever we thought they needed us, or even if they really didn't need us and we just wanted to go and see HIM!!!! I'll tell the story of the old fifth wheel we bought on e-bay tomorrow.

Since, we bought another camper and can only use one at a time, I have listed this for sale on E-BAY today and I am so SAD. It is so cute, I just love it, but it is just sitting there and we don't get to use it. So if anybody reading this is interested, just let me know and I'll send you the info on buying this vintage camper.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time is slippin away...

Made this Mountain Dew Cake from Patti's Pantry. It is so easy, light and delicious. I love recipes like this.

I'm working on some projects this week. I pictured on a previous blog a chair I was going to redo. Well, it was a piece of junk , I guess that's what you get when you buy junk, but I found another piece of junk for $ 2.00 and it is a much better piece of junk. Anyway. I'be been working on it this week, here are some pics so far. I'm not finished as I want to add some real neat long fringe when I can get to Waco, or I might have to order some online. At first I thought the shipping was too expensive, but then I thought of the gas to go to Hobby Lobby in Waco. Anyway, so far I think it looks pretty good, but not quite where I want it yet.

Got more projects to work on today, better get at it.

Here's another one for another day, my $10.00 headboard and footboard from a garage sale this weekend.

Trying to win something

I want to win SOMETHIN'!!!! The SITS girls are giving away an IPOD and I'm trying my hardest to win. Amelia Bedelia won something, why can't I. Could it be that I have the hardest time trying to add buttons and stuff to my blog. Okay, I'm old and a grandma, what did you expect. LOL Ha, I am learning some of the lingo.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend of Treasures

I learned a lesson this weekend that I really already knew, but I will practice it much better next time I go to an estate or garage sale. I purchased the items above at an estate sale and the large glass bottle is an old water bottle for the refrigerator. I had spotted one with the aluminum top and little flapper like top on it that allows you to pour water out of it straight from the refrigerator. I was remembering the one my mom had that was emerald green and had the same type of top on it. That ice cold water from the frig was so refreshing on these extremely HOT days. Anyway, I saw one with that type of lid and went back to pick it up, it was just $2.00, and it was not there. There was only one other person around and I had not seen him looking at anything in particular, but I walked to the checkout and sure enough he had gotten it, then I had looked at a syrup pitcher with the pour spout and went back to get it and I'll be darned if he wasn't carrying that around also. So I settled for the larger jar with no funny lid for pouring, ( someone might know what that type of lid is called).
Lesson learned pick up and hold onto anything that you might want while shopping at an estate or garage sale.
I told my mom about the water jug and she said that her's came from a restaurant in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Mom spent some of her childhood in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas.

Well, I did have fun looking for an hour or more at all the goodies, and I felt like I got some great items. I also got the cutest little clear glass bakelite cake dish. I will have to make a special little cake just for Wes when he is old enough to eat cake.

The other treasure of the weekend was this beautiful sunset over the lake.

And last but not least I am treasuring all the time that I have left before school starts in 3 weeks and I'm back to second grade. This is always just about as exciting for me as it is for the kids, as I plan what my theme will be for starting school. I especially want my classroom to be warm, inviting, and full of fun for these darling children that I will treasure all year.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Lake again for another Birthday

I can make faces just like my KB, SEE!! Back to the lake again. This time's it's my KB's birthday. But man was it hot. I had to have mommy take my cute pirate outfit off that had poop deck on the rear, because I was just sweattin' too much. So now look at me. I like to have just my dipy on.

Now, everybody just let me take a nap and you guys go on the lake.

Aunt Holly and Aunt Jessie, let's see how long you can last on this wild tube ride.

On the road to take the camper to the lake, my GinGin found her next project at a flea market. Found several other things in the Antique Mall there too, but she better get this project done before starting something else especially since she has so many projects going right now.gin

Okay, it's pretty ugly right now, but let's see what GinGin can do with it. She want's to go out and buy a lot of neat fabric to put on it, but she's going to try to use just the fabrics and fringes that she has right now. Go Get started on this chair right now!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We had such a wonderful visit!!

We had such a wonderful time just staying up late and sleeping late like "teenage girls". I do believe that it is much harder on this old grandma now, though. We traveled to all the surrounding towns. It was great fun looking at the wonderful specialty shops in Waxahachie, Waco, Corsicana, and Salado, TX. We can always find great ideas for our homes and crafts that we like to make. Waxahachie has a very delightful shop called THE DOVE'S NEST, in Waco we went to SPICE. We have traveled many miles this week.

We were able to go see my grandbaby and play with him last weekend. We went to the Richland Chambers lake and ate at a reataurant that sits on the water. That was very nice.
Tracy's daughter was chosen for the Texas All Star Volleyball team so we made a trip back to Dallas to pick up her boyfriend at the airport and then to see her volleyball game. We had to do a lot of driving in the DFW area and I do not know my way around so it was kind of stressful. But we made it every place we needed to go, it just took a little longer than we had planned. I was sure there were better ways to go than I went, but we did eventually get there. I had to ask directions many times. My husband has been saying that he would like a navigational system, as he has to travel up in that area each week, well now I can see why, so I will try my best to find one of those for him. We really enjoyed watching Adriene play ball, and HER TEAM WON OF COURSE!!
The rest of the week has been so fun, making jewelry, sleeping, eating, looking at blogs, shopping at Goodwill and just looking for great ideas and items to make.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Awaiting my best friend Tracy!!

I need to be cleaning house and getting ready for Tracy's visit tomorrow. But here I am just blogging away. It is so much fun to read other blogs and see what I have in common with others. I need to get some things picked up around this house and I'm still on the computer.
Can't wait for Tracy to get here, we will have a great time resting and relaxing. We might go to Canton, Waco, Waxahachie, Corsicana, or just sit around sipping wine and watching movies. She so needs to move down here from the Panhandle.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday Celebrations- 75 and 18

This past weekend we had a wonderful time camping out at Navarro Mills Lake. This lake is located about half way between all of us. My parents come from Waco, Shani and Jack come from Corsicana, and we drive from Hillsboro. It was the perfect place to gather. We camped and boated all weekend.

One June 28, Saturday, we celebrated my dad's birthday and my youngest daughter, Holly's birthday. Dad turned seventy-five and Holly turned 18. This is always a very special day!!!

We had such a great time with everyone. Shani's in laws were able to come also.
My husband Kenny, Shani's husband Jack and Jack's best friend Andy caught 75 fish Saturday morning, so we had a huge fish fry that evening.