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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby, Put On Your Dancin Shoes Tonight

Hubby and I finally got to have a date last night. He met a man at work who has put together a new Texas Country Band. This guy owns the band's bus and has had KB work on all the tires for the bus. The Band is the They are really good probably because there is mainly old guys in the band. Anyway, they are going to be at Gators -Cedar Creek Lake next Saturday and if you want to go listen to some really good music, you should go. We're going to try to be there. They'll be opening for Wade Bowen that night (I think) and for Wade several places so go check 'em out. KB and I danced our old legs off last night and they not only play their music but alot of the good old Merle Haggard, George Jones, Tracy Lawrence, George Strait, Gary Stewart, the list goes on and on. We left a little early because we had quite a ways to drive, so I know it got even better.

We went to the Hog Creek IceHouse right outside of Waco on Highway 6 and it's really a neat place. By the way they are having the 3 John's on Sept. 20, John Conlee, Johnny Lee, and Johnny Rodriquez. That one sounds great. They have a big outdoor stage too.
This is Tracy Byrd on the outdoor stage at Hog Creek

We decided we'd go a little early and eat supper, and we're sitting there and an cute "downright country" older couple sits behind us, the girl comes around collecting money for the cover and the old guy says, " sure, I'm stayin for the band girl, that's what I come for." Well, I looked around and the whispered to KB, Yea, I bet they can cut-a-rug too!!!! Sure enough the first song they played they headed to the dance floor and we're not to be outdone, we head out too. Yee-haw, we dance the first three and after the third dance we've got to take a breather. Next song started and we look back and nodded to our old dancing couple not to be the only dancers on the floor and they followed right along. After that dance, they old guy stopped at our table and said, "Not gonna let you young un's outdo us!!"" Ha, Ha, they were in much better shape than we were.

Well, needless to say we had a great time last night. And I'm ready for next Saturday Night at GATORS!!! Come Join Us, YEEHAW


  1. Oh this does look like so much fun...wish we lived a little closer. Would you mind if I linked your blog to mine? I am a teacher and an empty nester...when reading your thoughts of the last week, I felt like I was reading my own mind!!

  2. HOW FUN!!! You are lucky your hubby dances with you. Last time me and g danced was at our wedding. yes, you shouldfeel sorry for me.

  3. Yeah, Amy and I married the two men on earth who can't dance....What's up with that?


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