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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Week of Freedom-will I ever make it to next summer

School, School, School, School, School

That's all there is everywhere I turn!!!!!! I keep running into these parents in the store who look at their children running wild and say " I can't wait for school to start, only 1 more week." I just reply, "Oh, me neither, I'm a teacher." HAHA I really can wait, but in a way I am getting ready for the big day. I don't know if it is really because I have no choice, or I am ready to see my new little group of rug rats and to get started on all the wonderful things that we will learn together this year. I have many wonderful ideas and I am always excited to start the new year with a fresh bunch of elementary minds. I made it to school for one whole day this past week and I accomplished most of what I went there for. I set up all of the desks and put my bulletin board up in the hall and got my "mind" and desk ready. I still have a lot of things to do next week and all the while that I am in those STUPID inservice meetings, I will be thinking of everything I could be doing in my classroom!! Anyway, ready or not, HERE I COME!!!

Now to add a sad note. Walking down the school supply aisle at the local Wally World, that I hate, I'm having very mixed emotions. No one at my house will be needing any of this junk for public school anymore, man is that a relief, or is it?, my little Holly bug will just be going back to college and learning all the neat tricks to cosmetology, so that she can go out and make all of us beautiful!!! I'm just hoping she does not chop her hair off again at the beginning of class. Just kidding , isn't she beautiful!!
So back to those feelings, you know, the sad ones when your youngest child is getting ready to leave the nest and the extremely happy ones, those of great accomplishment when your youngest child graduates from high school. OMG, these are really weird feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is so amazing.


  1. We bought school supplies yesterday... I about had to float a loan to pay for all of it!

    By the way, Holly is so cute!

  2. I know the schools don't provide anyting anymore. We even have to add copy paper to our supply list. One package, but anyway, that didn't even last me half way through the year. I know that it is way too much stuff. I think my class went through 3,000 pencils last year. I don't know if it is the pencils, the sharpener or the mean teacher making them work so hard! Hope you are doing well. I love to read your blog, as well as Jill's and now Trevor's. You guys can just make my day and give me that extra laugh I need everyday. What about cawfee tawk's ex and the crap he pulled last week. He is such a JA.

  3. Me too...first year in forever that I don't have a little one coming home after school. Have a great year at school. If you don't post very often we'll know why! :>)Nancy

  4. Okay, because I love you, I am sending Cooper and Claire to tyour house so you will feel needed. And BTW, you are my hero, being a teacher and all. I can't beleive we let this summer get by us without meeting up. Let's plan something soon, like Canton when it cools Nov!!!!

  5. I can sympathize...that first school year after I retired hit me pretty hard...I was used to stocking up on supplies in August when stores had glue sticks and pocket folders for a dime and a dozen pencils for a quarter...but in the fall of 2001 with no class to get ready for (after 30 years of teaching)I found myself with a lump in my throat looking at all the great bargains I no longer needed. It was probably the shopping and color coordinating of new desk supplies that I really loved. The only time I envy my friends who are still teaching is around this time and maybe graduation.(I taught Senior English.)
    I still substitute at one school and I love being the sub with the cool pencils to loan. And I treat myself to pretty folders in the fall to ease my homesickness.

    As to the endless inservices, we had limericks that started with a first line from one of us and then were passed on to be built upon. Way toooo much fun... And we had "Remember...?" challenges... name everyone in "The Brady Bunch" or name the actor/actresses who played the parts of the parents on "Friends". We kept ourselves entertained and time passed quickly.
    Having to provide your own copy paper just had not yet gotten to that when I retired ...I'd be in big trouble!
    Keep's a really great job and fuss as you may, if you think having none of your own children in school is bittersweet, wait until the start of a school year with no classroom for you.

    P.S. You get over it by the time the first reporting period rolls around...Have a rich year from the first day to the last.


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