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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wes and his Great Grandad Mac

I thought this was a great picture of my dad and Wes.  Of course dad had to say well does it look like a big fat man and a little bitty toot.  I think it is just adorable.  We had a real good time that day.  Wes really enjoyed getting to swim with Mac and they both needed a little cooling off!!!  HAHA
We've had a very busy time this past week.  Had a great time for KB's birthday. 
He really enjoyed it.  Just having family together is always fantastic.  It's supposed to be really hot here today, so I guess we'll just try to stay inside or in the shade anyway.  We thought of going to the lake and maybe we'll make it this afternoon or tomorrow.  It's really nice just to have a day to relax.
I rode with KB to Kilgore yesterday and it takes six hours round trip, so that makes a long day for him.  I don't know if my company is very lively, but he gets to listen to me gab on the phone to my wonderful friends and of course I like to control the radio.  We do have a good time just being together.  Hope you are having a very blessed weekend.
God Bless,

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