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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blast from the past!!

I made some blankets for my aunts for Christmas, this year,  I made a collages of some pictures, old and new.  These pics mean a lot to me.  I love the picture in the middle of our house on the farm in Dalhart, TX.  My granddad came from Canada and bought a farm.  He went back and married my grandma in Canada  and brought her back to Texas to live.  I love the top pictures of my parents and their square dance group.  I love when my parents and grandparents went square dances at the old XIT Rangers club.  These pictures were taken there.  There are pictures of my parents camping in Cimmarron Canyon.  Mine and KB's families spent many weekend summers, in the canyon camping.  We also started taking our girls there when they were only a week old. They were both born in the beginning of summer and loved camping.  We all still love going camping to the lake or any campground.  There is a picture of my granddad with his hand on my mammaw's knee.  This really portrays  how they were everyday to each other.  So cute!!!  There is a picture of my grandad and Aunt Beth with a palomino horse.  We've always had horses on the farm and loved everyone of them.  Now my girls have their horses and dearly love them.  There are pictures of my Dad and his sister and more family.  Memories mean so much to me.

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