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Monday, January 13, 2014

Technology, sometimes drives me crazy!!

I have been having trouble with my laptop and also with my internet.  I have had to change internet providers twice now, since we live in the country a few miles from town.  I love living in the country,  and we are only about 4 miles from town, but it seems that I get a good provider and then something causes it to not stay connected. I called my provider and they said it's the bandwidth.  Well in the explanation, it seems more people are using their service, so now my service is slowed down to a crawl.  This to me is very aggravating.  Paying my bill and not having good service. so I guess I will call again today and gripe to see if I can get some of my payment refunded. 

Also, now i am typing this and it seems my blog will not show up correctly on my computer.  All of this is making me want to pull my hair out!!!!Just like this.  I typed the first part in large letters.  Never changed a thing and this is the way that it is typing now.  Oh, DEAR!!!!! I want to scream.  Ok, I have been ranting!!  Oh yes, with my laptop, it has not been working properly, so i did a system restore.  It works better, but maybe this is causing my blog not to show up properly.  Oh, dear!! what am I to do. 

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