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Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Wonderful Trip to Graceland Last Summer

I had a great trip to Graceland, but don't think KB will agree that it was great since he tried his damnest to get out of it.

The funniest thing was we had gone down into Mississippi to stay at one of the casinos by the river and were heading back home the next day, as we got into Memphis KB is supposed to go left and he goes right , we go about a mile down the interstate and get off to turn around and head the other direction, when we have to go down the street a ways and it turns out we are on ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD, YES!!!!. I turn to him and say we have got to go, we are right here. I had already begged to go this morning and he said, "I'm not going to Graceland." Well, he is trying to turn around and the only place to go is right into the parking lot across from the picture above. He is really mad now, he pulls into the lot and parks with a frown. I say well why don't you just stay out here with the pickup and camper. He says" No, I'll go with you," real grouchy like. Okay, (I'm thinking yuck he's going to be great fun!!), we go to the ticket building, museum, gift shops, etc. I get in line to get tickets and ask how long is the tour? The lady says 3 hours, I cringe and tell KB, he just frowns some more. Now we get our tickets and our headphone's for the tour and sit and wait for the next shuttle across the street.

We go across the street with the crowd and KB hates crowds. Well we manage to go through the tour and secretly I think KB enjoys seeing all the wonderful Elvis stuff. His home, his planes, his cars(KB did like these). It looks just like it did in the 70's.

I'm so glad I got to go to Graceland, we may never go that way again.
Things do work out the way they are supposed to, HA--HA.


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