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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Barrel Race in Waco, and I GOT TO BABYSIT

I got to see Wes several times this past week. It was so fun. We went to his house on Wednesday night. I got to help Shani give hime a bath and here we are right after his bath.

Then on Friday afternoon, I took half a day off to go to the barrel race in Waco and keep him while his momma ran barrels.

Saturday Holly and I went to Antique Alley in Cleburne. We had a great time finding good garage sale junk. We found Holly some good bargains, like new driving moccs and a brand new with tags old navy purse, and several other things. We really had a good time just being together and we left there and headed to Waco to help keep Wes during the barrel race again. We had a wonderful time playing with Wes, looking at all the really cute cowgirl goodies they had for sale there and spending some time with Shani and her good friend Kaci. They both had really good barrel runs!!!
Aunt Holly loves her some Wes, too.

Wes' mommy loves him, so very much!!!


  1. I had Kaydi Jo this weekend, too! Too much fun!!!! (I am exausted!)

  2. Only 2 of my 13 grandkids live nearby. Eleven of them live far away. You are blessed to have this boy near enough to see him regularly. Cherish every moment!

    Betty in Oklahoma
    (Professional Grandmother of 13) :-)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the picture in your header! I'll be back to read more!!!


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