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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween !! Such a blast with a little one

We hadn't seen Wes in a couple of weeks so we decided to go over and spend the weekend with Shani and Jack to see Wes TRICK OR TREAT!! Of course he doesn't know about this yet, but he is always so good with whatever we take him to do. He is just the most precious little bundle of joy!! His mommy and daddy are so good and caring with him. They love him dearly. They are so patient and it makes him that way also. A friend of mine from school, brought me the cutest hand me down costume of a paint horse. So of course we had to make sure that Wes got to be the paint horse on his first Halloween. He can't eat any of the candy, so Gin-Gin and mama got to eat the candy. In Corsicana the merchants on the main street all give out candy and pictures are taken of the children in costume.


  1. I love that costume! Grayson was a horse his first Halloween, too! This year he was Michael Phelps. I have been so busy and know you have too! Amy and Tracy are having a blast! We can't let them outdo us!!!! Trying to get Amy to get Amy down here for the weekend after her bday(dec 3) to go to Salado. My new FAV place.

  2. That is the cutest paint horse ever.
    I just love it when babies have the biggest smile.
    And those eyes, goodness that one is adorable!

  3. Oh he's so adorable and what fun to have been able to be with him on his first Halloween:-) That's something I'm very much looking forward to as a new nana! xoxo

  4. Hi GinGin :)

    That is the cutest little buckaroo I ever saw! I'm so glad he had a great Halloween :)


  5. He is so cute. I love that they are all dressed up and have no idea that anything is different or that they are so darn cute.

  6. Love the second picture. He is a cutie pie!


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