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Thursday, January 29, 2009

8 Ramdon Things about ME!!

Gin at Keepsake Moments tagged me to list 8 random things about me, so I will try to think of 8 interesting things about me.

1. I love cats. I have had an indoor cat for most of my life, but due to allergies that several of my family members have, I can't have a cat inside now. So I usually have a cat outside, but many times they don't survive too long because we live in the country and there are so many coyotes. I do have a precious KIKI now that I got from craigslist. She is a sweetheart and she sleeps with the two precious dogs on the backporch on my wicker loveseat. They are all just precious animals that I love.

2. I am looking forward to retirement. It may be 5-7 years down the road, but I am sure hoping that I can retire from teaching someday. I have really enjoyed my years as a teacher, but it seems to get harder every year either dealing with so many learning disabilites, or the difficult parents. Thankfully I don't have the extremely difficult parents every year, but when I do, it is the pits!!!

3. I am very excited about my best friend at
Cawfee Tawk who is going to be moving down to live in this area as soon as she gets everything together to get out town. I know that she will really enjoy the move and it will totally change her life.

4. I love to shop at Goodwill, junk stores, garage sales, antique stores, e-bay and craigslist. I am a junk junky. It is like a treasure hunt. I could do it all the time if I had the money.

5. My oldest daughter was a rodeo trick rider during her summers of high school. She did the death drag where she hung by her feet dragging along beside the horse the horse with her head hangin down and he hair sometimes touching the ground of the rodeo arena. She did the Hippedrome or Liberty stand where she stood up on the horse and held the American Flag around the arena.

6.My youngest daughter showed the Reserve Grand Champion Hog in her first Stock Show her freshman year of High School. Then the next year when her dad was the teacher she was not able to show because her hog got a rare disease called joint pneumonia and couldn't show him. It was heart breaking to her. She was able to participate the next two years and had a blast!

7. I love to help others and try to be a peacemaker whenever there is a problem and someone is not getting along. I wish that I could become a counselor.

8. I hate exercise, and having to diet. I know that I need to do both, but they are just not fun to me and I can think of all kinds of excuses not to do them. Even though I plan to do both almost every morning. I'm going to be dieting this next week. Salad and Chicken, every day for lunch.


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