Ginny B'S

Saturday, January 3, 2009

God is Good

We have had a wonderful holiday!!! This vacation break from school has been terrific. All of the family here for Christmas. We had had a wonderful Christmas day and I was just trying on the beautiful shawl that my Aunt Wanda sent me for Christmas, prancing around when there was a knock on the door and I could not imagine who was coming to the door, thought it was a neighbor from down the road. When I looked up who should appear but my darling, best friend Tracy from back home. She was laughing so hard by the surprised look on my face and the loud scream. She made the ending to a great day even better. Then we had such a fun rest of the week. We went to Waco twice. We put away Christmas decorations and rearranged my living room. She is so good at this type of thing. She needs to be an interior decorator. The she helped me repaint the spare bedroom and arrange the furniture and wall decor. My house looks beautiful thanks to Tracy's Interior Design. Love ya, Trac!!! I am so anxious for her to make her move to our area and start a new life. I know this is hard for her, but I am praying that it will be exactly what she needs to do.


  1. Thanks Gin- that was sweet of you! I had a blast too! and it will be great when I make my move-You all have been so good to me and hope I can make it up to you somehow someday! love ya!!!

  2. Hi GinGin :)

    What a sweet friend!! I'm glad to hear you had a great time.

    Happy New Year, big hugs and love,


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