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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's the Best Way To Spend a Weekend

Got to keep precious grandbaby this weekend and it was so MUCH FUN!!! He is absolutely darling. He is also a perfect angel when he stays here. He was so good.He let me read books to him and rock him to sleep. I could have rocked him for the whole two days. They grow up so fast it won't be long before he won't let us rock him. I had a fabulous weekend playing with my darling grandson.

He enjoyed playing with this little table and chairs that I painted when his mama was a little toddler. It is supposed to be the Three Bears Cottage and the Little Chairs, are Momma Bear, Baby Bear and our Pappa Bear is in the shed, as it needs some repair work. Anyway my girls loved to sit here and play for a little while. Wes being a typical little boy loves to walk around the table and crawl on it. He did like to talk baby talk to the Baby Bear Chair.

We had a wonderful time and I know his mommie and daddy had a good time out with their friends too. This was the first time they left him overnight except for the time everyone had the terrible virus about two months ago. They came to get him about 2:00 this afternoon and when they pulled into the drive way I walked out the front door to meet them and his momma was so excited to see him, as he was very excited to see her too. She really missed him. She is such a wonderful mother!!! I am so proud of her. It's hard to work everyday and leave you baby. At least she has her mother-in-law to take such wonderful care of her baby boy.

Well, GinGin better go and get some rest for my 20 other children in class tomorrow. I get called Grandma there too. Which is perfectly fine, because being a grandma is one special fantastic job!!


  1. how sweet, he so cute. i know you had a great weekend with him

  2. and we are so lucky to have such a wonderfull gin gin and kb. We love ya'll!! I know that Wes had so much fun!!

  3. Your grandson is absolutely adorable!!! What a great treat to have items from his mother all around him and a loving Grandmother to enjoy him!

    Nice post!

  4. Aw! Handsome guy! And what a lovely table and chairs. You did a great job!

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