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Monday, July 27, 2009


We were able to go see the kids about 35 miles away on Saturday and we love to eat at a mexican restaurant there, so while we were eating little man got kind of tired of sitting so KB took him to look at the games. There was one with a steering wheel and one with a gun so he and KB played those a while.

The last time little man came to our house to spend the night we had a good time outside.

He loved the kitties and walking barefoot in the grass in the backyard. See GinGin, I'm trying to hold the kitty so good! I just might be holding

him a little tight. But I love him! I sure had a good time with my Aunt Holly. Then my mommy and daddy came and all the big kids had a water fight, I think my daddy got Aunt Holly REALLY GOOD! HAHA

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