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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When will Blue have her Baby?

Our blue roan mare had her last year's colt exactly a month after Wes was born and we thought she would have her baby at the same time as he was born. She always fools us. We have been waiting on this new baby for a month it seems like. So Shan and Wes go and check on her almost everyday. I feel so sorry for her. I know she is ready to have her baby, and just think human ladies we could have to carry our babies for almost a year. YUCK!!!!! I think 9 months is plenty long enough. I'm sure Shani's best friend who was due this week would totally agree with me.

This picture was taken last week when Shan and Wes went out to the ranch where blue is to check on her. She loves Wes and WEs loves all the horses, and he is definitely used to them, as you can see.
This is Blue's last years horse colt. He is one beautiful colt and he loves Wes too. When he was born at our house we were trying to thing of a name and KB named him tally, cuz his tally-wacker was always hanging out. Well, when the kids took him to their place to wean him they decided to name him Ringo. So here is Tally-Ringo. He is one good looking colt.


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