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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been making these cute dish towels.  It's a lot of fun to create them and I love using these type towels in my kitchen and they look really cute haning on my oven door handle.  I received this picture as a card from some company.  I scanned it and copied it onto fabric that I ran through my printer. I found these cute cotton colored dish towels.  They are in a package of turquoise, red and blue. I love them.  They are so soft....

I have made quite a few of these neclaces for family and friends.  When I started I thought that stamping would be rather easy.  Man was a sadly mistaken.  It is very difficult and I missed up many spoons before i have finally gotten the hang of it.  I love creating and making gifts for people.  The large one in the center is for my mother-in-law who turns 79 tomorrow.  She and my mom are the same age and they went to High School together.  Both of them are in really good health for almost 80 years old.  I just hope that I can be in that good of health and look that good when I am their age. 
Happy Wednesday to EVERYONE!!  God Bless and Hope you have a fabulous week from here on out.

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