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Sunday, January 27, 2013



When we have the little guy for the night or the weekend, it is always so much fun, and then this is how we end up at the end of the day. Last weekend we got to keep W for the night while his mommy and daddy went out. We had a lot of fun and he kept us both really busy. We did a little bit of everything. He loves to help KB out in the shed to work on just about anything. The first thing they made was a door in the shed for the two cats to come in and out of, this way, they do not have to go under the shed in all of the mud to get into the shed, which is where they stay in the cold winter. This was great fun because he LOVES using any TOOLS. He is very good with them too. He got to hammer, and saw, drill and put screws in wood. We have a small drill and he can use it real well.
Next, we made some cookies and also strung some bead to make a bracelet for mammy and his mommy.

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