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Sunday, January 27, 2013

WES the MAN!!

WES the MAN!! Upside down sunglasses and all.  This pic is not recent but so cute I had to write about this.  This is the first I remember of him being so very independent.         
He was in CHARGE  of everything, that is his horse Candyman, a minature.
I take so long between posts that I'm sure I don't have many people interested in reading my blog, but the real reason I began a blog was to post interesting facts about my grandson, and I haven't kept it up very well , but I'm going to try and remember or recount some of the things that he does and has done that keep us all entertained.  He has such a fantastic memory that he surprises all of us with what he remembers from a little bitty guy. 

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  1. Love the horse? is it a Miniature pony or horse? I have a miniture horse and he is my big baby!


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