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Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Lake again for another Birthday

I can make faces just like my KB, SEE!! Back to the lake again. This time's it's my KB's birthday. But man was it hot. I had to have mommy take my cute pirate outfit off that had poop deck on the rear, because I was just sweattin' too much. So now look at me. I like to have just my dipy on.

Now, everybody just let me take a nap and you guys go on the lake.

Aunt Holly and Aunt Jessie, let's see how long you can last on this wild tube ride.

On the road to take the camper to the lake, my GinGin found her next project at a flea market. Found several other things in the Antique Mall there too, but she better get this project done before starting something else especially since she has so many projects going right now.gin

Okay, it's pretty ugly right now, but let's see what GinGin can do with it. She want's to go out and buy a lot of neat fabric to put on it, but she's going to try to use just the fabrics and fringes that she has right now. Go Get started on this chair right now!!


  1. I love it!!! I cannot wait to see what fabric u get! Tryin' to get stuff settled at the first of the week so hopefully we can hook up soon. Let me know what your schedule looks like. Later, girl!!

  2. Gin- The chair is perfect for what we saw in Waco, I do have the pictures on my phone, and I will email the pictures of the house! I know! That Jill Jill IS a scream, I hope you guys, can get together!!

  3. Girl, Email me at! I don't know CRAP about this, just paddlin' along like I do....

  4. Okay never got anything in my email. Now, make sure you spelled my awkwardly spelled last name right! K-O-R-D-S-M-E-I-E-R. I know. weird germans.

  5. Wow - I've been fabric shopping for my two Craigslist wicker chairs, too. Can't wait to see what you get. Your blog makeover looks just great. ;)Nancy

  6. Ginny - I'd be more than happy to help you setting your Etsy store up. Just let me know when and also send an email to me so I'll have yours. ;)Nancy


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