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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend of Treasures

I learned a lesson this weekend that I really already knew, but I will practice it much better next time I go to an estate or garage sale. I purchased the items above at an estate sale and the large glass bottle is an old water bottle for the refrigerator. I had spotted one with the aluminum top and little flapper like top on it that allows you to pour water out of it straight from the refrigerator. I was remembering the one my mom had that was emerald green and had the same type of top on it. That ice cold water from the frig was so refreshing on these extremely HOT days. Anyway, I saw one with that type of lid and went back to pick it up, it was just $2.00, and it was not there. There was only one other person around and I had not seen him looking at anything in particular, but I walked to the checkout and sure enough he had gotten it, then I had looked at a syrup pitcher with the pour spout and went back to get it and I'll be darned if he wasn't carrying that around also. So I settled for the larger jar with no funny lid for pouring, ( someone might know what that type of lid is called).
Lesson learned pick up and hold onto anything that you might want while shopping at an estate or garage sale.
I told my mom about the water jug and she said that her's came from a restaurant in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Mom spent some of her childhood in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas.

Well, I did have fun looking for an hour or more at all the goodies, and I felt like I got some great items. I also got the cutest little clear glass bakelite cake dish. I will have to make a special little cake just for Wes when he is old enough to eat cake.

The other treasure of the weekend was this beautiful sunset over the lake.

And last but not least I am treasuring all the time that I have left before school starts in 3 weeks and I'm back to second grade. This is always just about as exciting for me as it is for the kids, as I plan what my theme will be for starting school. I especially want my classroom to be warm, inviting, and full of fun for these darling children that I will treasure all year.


  1. gin-you should have done the margarita dance like I told you to do to the lady at Willy Nelson and Pat Green's concert @ Waco that time, remember? Knock the stuff out of his hand and yell "I don't think you know who the H___!!!! you are messing with!! But then the stuff would be broke- OH Yeah!! We could buy more margaritas!!!!!Thank goodness!!ly TB

  2. I am SOOO diggin' your new look!!! And girl, you can NEVER let someone beat you out for what your little eye spied first. If there's even a TWINGE of "oooh I really like that" PICK IT UP!!!!! If you decide later you don't stash the POS on the shelf by the checkout.


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