Ginny B'S

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We had such a wonderful visit!!

We had such a wonderful time just staying up late and sleeping late like "teenage girls". I do believe that it is much harder on this old grandma now, though. We traveled to all the surrounding towns. It was great fun looking at the wonderful specialty shops in Waxahachie, Waco, Corsicana, and Salado, TX. We can always find great ideas for our homes and crafts that we like to make. Waxahachie has a very delightful shop called THE DOVE'S NEST, in Waco we went to SPICE. We have traveled many miles this week.

We were able to go see my grandbaby and play with him last weekend. We went to the Richland Chambers lake and ate at a reataurant that sits on the water. That was very nice.
Tracy's daughter was chosen for the Texas All Star Volleyball team so we made a trip back to Dallas to pick up her boyfriend at the airport and then to see her volleyball game. We had to do a lot of driving in the DFW area and I do not know my way around so it was kind of stressful. But we made it every place we needed to go, it just took a little longer than we had planned. I was sure there were better ways to go than I went, but we did eventually get there. I had to ask directions many times. My husband has been saying that he would like a navigational system, as he has to travel up in that area each week, well now I can see why, so I will try my best to find one of those for him. We really enjoyed watching Adriene play ball, and HER TEAM WON OF COURSE!!
The rest of the week has been so fun, making jewelry, sleeping, eating, looking at blogs, shopping at Goodwill and just looking for great ideas and items to make.


  1. Well what fun!! I love Salado and used to drive 350 miles to go there (in the Sir Wigglesworth you remember that) and now that I live by Austin I rarely go. When it cools off I'm heading for Canton. Hope you girls found a bunch of good stuff! Hugs, Nancy

  2. I love your blog, gennie! i'm jealous that you and tracy had so much fun!

  3. Hey Ginnie with a G! I cannot wait to meet up and hang out. I think we need to do this ASAP and make Tracy and Amy really jealous!!!!

  4. gingin, Tracy was cracking me up about you not understanding all of Jill's code name. Real confusing, huh. But yes, you should so call her.. I won't give you her phone number on here because there may be some crazy wacko stalker reading every word I say, soooo I will give it to Tracy.


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